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Fay 40 Radius Chine

The Radius chine version of the Fay 40 uses the latest concepts in steel boat building to achieve excellent sailing qualities along with good looks. One small chine, never seen while afloat, is incorporated each side of the lowest central plate. The hull is built upside down over conventional frames. Topsides and lower hull plates are fitted first. The plans include measurements to pre loft all these hull plates to make building easy and quick. Once these plates are in place the radius which is formed from a minimum of 9 rolled sections each side, is fitted. The deck is constructed in the traditional method which we have found to be very quick and easy.

This yacht was specifically designed for our personal use. All the Fay yachts were originally designed with long keels but as we are based in the UK, in a harbour that completely dries at low tide, and as we wanted a 'shoal draught', the twin keel version was designed. I also wanted a round bilge (radius chine), so a simple set of radius plates were designed.  As can be seen from the pictures of Ti-Gitu being turned over and sailing, the radius has worked well. The vertical seams between each rolled section would be slightly easier to fair if they were cut at an angle of around 20 to 30 degrees. These seams were heated and dressed (with a large hammer) during the final fairing of the hull and are invisible on the finished yacht.

A lot of research time was spent on the design of the twin keels. This resulted in the choice of NACA foils and the slight 'toe in' of the keels. We have been really pleased with the performance. The yacht dries out easily, she is fast with little heeling and has little leeway when 'on the wind'. Maintenance in out of the way places is easy as the yacht can simply be dried out on any convenient beach. (saves the costs of haul outs as well) The radius chine version can use either twin or conventional long keel.

The picture is the Fay 40 Radius chine during the process of turning over. This is the twin keel version built for my personal use, the access holes into the keels are clearly visible.

The plans include a complete set of standard Fay 40 plans, offsets to pre cut all flat hull plates, options for both conventional and twin keels, three rig options including the latest 'junk rig', and three different layouts.      






Fay40A-lowres.jpg (22292 bytes)







Fay 40 Radius Chine 

LOA 40ft 0ins - Ballast 8000lb - Beam 13ft 6ins - Draught 4ft 8ins / 5ft 0ins
Sail area 742/1000sq ft - 45hp Diesel - Disp 12 to 14 tons - Water 200 galls - Diesel 100 galls


The large volume of this design allows a variety of interior layouts.

At 40 foot this round bilge steel yacht offers luxury cruising at reasonable cost for the family and for world sailing.

This is a fast, stable, comfortable yacht.


Plans £1000.00  



İPaul Fay 2004