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Fay 2000



The Fay 2000 is the yacht for the traditional sailor who wants to go long distance cruising and also great for living aboard. She has enormous carrying capacity and a spacious interior. Based on the traditional lines of Joshua Slocum's, 'Spray', she is sea- kindly and comfortable. Designed to have excellent steering qualities and be capable of  making good speed on those long ocean passages, all 'Spray' lovers will enjoy this yacht.



LOA 35 ft       LWL 29 ft 
12 feet beam     Draught 4.25ft 
Disp10 tons    Ballast 7280lbs

Sail area 670sq ft      Diesel 35hp


Plans £595.00


(Metric = L.O.A.10.6m - Draft 1.3m - Beam 3.6m - Displacement  10.0tons)




İPaul Fay 1999