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Fay 32B Junk Rig Version,



This version using an inexpensive 'junk rig' can be built for very little. This is no pipe dream. The materials that are used are perfect for an inexpensive ocean cruiser.

A 'junk' rig is easy and economical to build. The easy handling has made it increasingly popular amongst long distance sailors.

Modern design, sensible sail areas and the ability to set a light weather genoa have brought the junk rig into the new millennium

Several versions of the Fay 32 give the builder great flexibility as the interior layout and rig are chosen.

All versions use the same basic hull and deck with easy multi chine construction.

The long keel, transom hung rudder and trim tab self steering make this an easily handled ocean going yacht. An aft platform makes boarding after swimming and from the dinghy  easy while also protecting the rudder. Using a 'Junk' rig can be very economical and offers extremely easy handling.


Plans £395.00



İPaul Fay 1999