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Fay36A-lowres.jpg (34781 bytes)

Fay 36 A  


LOA  36ft 0ins -  LWL 30ft 9in - Beam 12ft 3ins -  Draught 4ft 9in - Disp. 9.1 tons

Ballast 5600lb - Sail area 644sq ft. -  35hp diesel - Water 200 galls - Fuel 80 galls.


This is our most popular design. A yacht of around this size is what is often chosen for long term sailing such as a circumnavigation or for a couple who plan to live aboard and cruise for long periods of time.  The internal volume of these hulls also make them ideal for a family. The sleeping cabins can easily be altered to have bunks for the children.

Two versions of this sailboat offer the builder a choice of layouts and rigs.

The vast area of the flush deck offers ample room for sunbathing and space to carry a rigid dinghy.


Plans 495.00


(Metric = L.O.A. 10.9m - Draft 1.4m - Beam 3.7m - Displacement 9.1tons)