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Links to other interesting web sites

Only sites of interest to cruisers will be included. Mail     with your suggestions.

Johns nautical & Boatbuilding Page  Includes the 'Mother of all Maritime Links' which has links to almost everywhere nautical. (best nautical links site I have found)

Cruising forum  Discussions about cruising & yachts etc.

Winlink  E-mail by short wave radio (Ham licence required)

EXE SAILS  Formerly Chris Scanes Sailmaker. Best I know for serious cruising and 'Junk Rig' sails.

Barry and Janet    Barry and Janet's website that includes really good information for cruisers. Look at their 'Chat Room' for information on mobile phones. filling gas bottles etc. etc

Noonsite The global site for cruising sailors   Good site for world cruising yachts

Kiss High-Output Wind Generator    Solid, sensible, basic wind generators