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Good Companies.

These are companies that I have personal experience of. I include a brief description of what I have used of their equipment and include a link to their web site.

They are roughly in alphabetical order so you can simply scroll to find if I have had dealings with that company.

I do not accept any recommendations or adverts on this page, all information is from my own experience.


ABC Marine. I have used this company for Vetus spares at reasonable prices and good service. They got spares to me overnight when needed.  Link =

Chris Scanes Sail maker. Chris has now moved to EXE Sails. I have used Chris for many years. Excellent sails and also specialises in Junk rig sails. Link = EXE Sails  

Driftgate. The Home of On Board & Mobile Charging and Power Systems. I have used this company for a high power alternator and high capacity alternator regulator. The equipment is good quality and sensibly priced. I talked with one of their technical people who was very helpful. Link =

Edson Marine Steering. Very high quality parts for steering systems. Choosing exactly what you want is possible by looking at their catalogue. Parts are expensive but worth the price as they are very long lasting and spares are available. We have used their chain and cable steering and have just replaced the cables after 11 years hard sailing. Link =

Galvanizing. As far as I could discover there is only one company in England who can re galvanize anchor chain. This is the Wedge group who are in Willenhall close to Birmingham. We had our chain re galvanized in 2013 and found the company very helpful. They do not collect or deliver so you have to arrange to ship or take it yourself. They will pass it through the Zink bath first to remove any paint before putting it through the acid cleaning bath. The cost was roughly one quarter the price of new chain. Link =

Hawk marine products / Needlespar. I have used this company to supply aluminium masts for junk rig and also to make fabricated aluminium yards and booms. Really good to deal with and very helpful and sensible prices. Link =

Huggins Marine / Carbeile Wharf. We had Ti Gitu hauled out here in April 2013 and found that this is a real working boat yard with very helpful management and yard workers and also the prices are sensible. Link =

KISS Wind Generators /  svHotwire This company is now the supplier of the KISS wind generator and spares. I needed new blades for my KISS and they were very helpful sending them from the USA to the UK quickly. The KISS does exactly what it was designed for which is the trade winds where it will supply plenty of power. In higher latitudes where we have winds which are considerable more up and down the KISS does not work so well as it tends to overheat in higher winds and then it cuts out. Link =

Lamp Oil. We have used this company to send us oil to use in our oil lamps. Efficient and quick service with sensible prices. Link =

Lancing Marine Engines   Had engines and parts from Lancing over several decades. Always excellent service with knowledgeable staff and sensible prices. Lancing will supply a complete engine or a marinising kit for one. Link =

Open CPN. A free open source chart plotting program for use with all types of electronic charts. It can be downloaded from the web site and there are a number of add-ons which have been written by various people which include an AIS plotter, weather overlays, log book etc. etc. We have found this an easy program to use once installed. Link =  If you like it then a donation can be made. Electronic charts for the USA waters can be had from here    But I have not used them yet.

Paint. Shepherds Marine Paints. I have been using this company for many years. They supply Jotun paints and anti foulings and will send by carrier to anywhere in the UK. Link =

Sea Dogs Leather Works. A company in Falmouth UK who among other things supply leather wheel covers. We had a kit to re cover our wheel and were very impressed with the quality and the helpful nature of the staff.  Link =

TV Antenna. We have been using a Labgear SLX DigiDome Aerial. This needs a 240 volt supply to power it. It seems to be proving to be a good receiver and totally omni directional. These are available from various supplier such as Amazon and Screwfix.

Visit My Harbour. A website which has up to date charts available to down load and save onto your computer. They also supply some electronics such as the inexpensive (under 100.00) AIS dongle receiver which works well with Open CPN.  Link =