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The types of survey that you may require are:-

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*      Pre purchase Surveys. This will cover as many aspects of your vessel as possible and will require the vessel being hauled out. It will also include discussions with you regarding the suitability, safety and general details of the vessel for your purposes. A pre purchase survey will be accepted by your insurance company. A general condition or pre purchase survey examines the condition of all visible and significant aspects of the structure of the vessel, with particular reference to hull condition or any other aspects of concern to the party requesting the survey. Unless specifically instructed to the contrary the inspection, and any comments made relative to design, performance or suitability of the vessel, are based on the assumption that the vessel will be used as a private pleasure boat in the waters for which it was designed. Unless specifically stated to the contrary the inspection and report does not seek to address compliance with any national or international codes, standards or regulations. 


*      Pre Survey Inspection. The  pre-survey inspection involves the surveyor looking at the vessel in a general manner and taking photographs to ascertain if it will be to your advantage to travel and examine the vessel for yourself. This will save you considerable time and expense travelling to initially view the vessel.


*      Surveys needed for obtaining insurance. An Insurance Survey is not as comprehensive as a Pre-Purchase Survey, it will require a haul-out. This is because the Insurance company and underwriter are only interested in knowing about any physical aspect of the yacht that could cause it to suffer a loss, together with a realistic assessment of the condition it is in and its market value. Insurance companies need to know that what they are insuring is a reasonable risk. This type of survey focuses on items and areas which may lead to a failure causing a claim on the insurer. This does not mean that the vessel needs to be perfect. It means that the vessel must be in a reasonable insurable condition. Insurance companies require vessels to be surveyed at regular intervals. This type of survey inspects all of the items that are part of the safety of the vessel and gives a general opinion of the condition for valuation. This type of survey costs around three quarters of the amount for a full survey. Items which are not part of the safety or do not affect the value of the vessel for insurance purposes are not reported on.


*      Damage inspection surveys. If a vessel is damaged, you and your insurance company will need a 'no liability' report on which any claim may be based. This type of survey is required if the craft has suffered any form of damage from whatever cause. This type of survey will be restricted to surveying and reporting on the extent and nature of the damage. It is possible that the Surveyor may be asked to give an opinion or investigate the cause of the damage. This will not be given unless the Surveyor is working under specific agreed instructions and that any opinions stated can be fully substantiated and supported by evidence that would stand in any possible litigation. The Surveyor may be asked for recommendations for repair, this will only be done with the express instruction from the Client.


*      Valuation surveys. Valuations are often requested to obtain insurance and/or finance or required by solicitors or financial institutions with regard to probate or other matters. The purpose of the valuation survey will dictate the limits of the inspection and will need to be clearly defined. The valuation document is separate to the survey unless specifically agreed with the Client as an integral part of a full pre-purchase survey. It is usual for the vessel to be hauled out for an underwater inspection during a valuation survey.


*      Insurance claims and assistance through repairs. If your vessel is damaged it is normal practice for your insurance company to appoint a surveyor to access the damage and to liaise between you, the repairer and your insurer. In this instance the insurer with help from the surveyor, will normally help and guide the owner / claimant, as normally the owner / claimant will not have any expertise in the field of marine insurance claims and will not have the expertise to oversee the repairs. Claims managers need a surveyor who will report without prejudice on any damage and the likely reason for such damage resulting in a claim against the insurance of a vessel. These reports will describe the damage, with photographs. Statements will be taken from witnesses. Experts will be employed, when necessary, to evaluate both the cause and extent of the damage. A report will be sent to the claims manager which will contain all information obtained by the surveyor, for the claims manager to evaluate.


*      Photographs Included. During a pre purchase and insurance survey I typically take between 50 and 150 photographs. Some photographs are included in the written report. All the photographs taken will be included with the survey report on an enclosed CD.  This helps you to see exactly what your surveyor has seen and gives you a good record of your vessel.


*      The Report. The written report that you will receive is very detailed and includes an explanation of the survey, details of the conditions during the survey, an introduction on the opening pages, and to assist with reading the report there is a summary covering any problems or details which I found, that may affect the safety or value of the vessel. A general description of the vessel, details of all components inspected, moisture or thickness readings, general photographs of the vessel and detail photographs of relevant aspects found during the inspection. A CD accompanies the report containing all the photographs taken during the survey and an electronic copy of the survey report. During a typical pre-purchase survey of a 40ft yacht I will take around 100 to 150 photographs which are all included on the CD you receive. This not only shows exactly what has been seen during the survey but also gives you a good record of the vessel.



A frequently asked question is:- Will I receive a written report and what will it contain?

Answerer:-   Yes - you will receive a detailed written report including photographs !!!!


My surveys include the following :-

*      Photographs of everything seen by the surveyor.

*      Steel, GRP, Aluminium, Ferro Cement and Wooden vessels.

*      Engines, rigging, electronics and fire prevention.

*      ABYC and US requirements.

*      Ultrasonic thickness tests for steel, aluminium and plastics.

*      GRP and timber electronically tested for moisture leading to osmosis and rot.

*      Consultancy and advice during build, fit-out and preparation for your cruising.

*      Verbal reports will be available on the day of the survey.

*      Full written reports, including photographs will be sent within three days of survey.

*      For costs of surveys please telephone or email me. 

*      International Codes of Practice will be followed at all times.

*      Specialist steel and aluminium yacht surveys.


Please read my terms and conditions which should be read if you require my services, as often there is no time for full exchange of written contracts when a survey is required. When employing Paul Fay to carry out a survey it is assumed that you have read and understood and accepted my terms and conditions.


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