Paul Fay

Marine Surveyor & Engineer  


Marine yacht surveyor specialising in steel and aluminium 

Paul Fay Dip.Mar.Sur.


Yacht marine surveyor Southampton, Chichester, Portsmouth


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Telephone  (+ 44)   07715 102090


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Marine Survey prices.

Please note the conditions and advice at the bottom of this page.

These are the average costs of a pre purchase survey on GRP, steel and aluminium vessels.

25ft yachts and motor vessels cost   300.00

27ft yachts and motor vessels cost   350.00

29ft yachts and motor vessels cost   390.00

31ft yachts and motor vessels cost   450.00

33ft yachts and motor vessels cost   500.00

35ft yachts and motor vessels cost   560.00

37ft yachts and motor vessels cost   670.00

40ft yachts and motor vessels cost   700.00

45ft yachts and motor vessels cost   850.00

50ft yachts and motor vessels cost   990.00


For full below the waterline ultrasound surveys of steel and aluminium vessels please contact me for a quotation.

For wooden and Ferro cement vessels please contact me as these generally cost approximately 20% more.

Catamarans cost approximately 25% more.

A minimum survey fee of 300.00 applies.

Travel up to 50 miles is included in these prices. Travelling further up to 100 miles costs 40 pence a mile. Over 100 miles an hourly charge also applies.



Full payment must be received prior to the survey.

Payment is preferred via bank transfer. Please email for bank details. All funds must be cleared prior to the survey.


Please read my terms and conditions if you require my services, as often there is no time for full exchange of written contracts when a survey is required. When employing Paul Fay to carry out a survey it is assumed that you have read and understood and accepted my terms and conditions.






It is worth checking that the surveyor you are employing is totally independent and is not affiliated to any organisation that may have a commercial interest in selling the vessel or carrying out repairs on the vessel to be surveyed.

When you order a survey the surveyor is working for you and no one else. The report is owned by you and allthough you may need to show it to others they have no authority to use it or take any action without permission and I suggest discussing this with your surveyor before disclosing the report to a third party.




Be sure that your surveyor is quoting for the type of service recommended by an accepted body such as the International Institute of Marine Surveyors. My advice is to check that your surveyor has gone through one of the recognised training schemes.

I have been surveying yachts and small craft up to 150ft in length for 30 years and I am a fully International Institute of Marine Surveying qualified surveyor.

If your surveyor is not trained and qualified it is possible that the survey will be of very poor quality not following international guidelines and not be acceptable for other purposes such as obtaining insurance or finance etc.



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