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Paul Fay Dip.Mar.Sur.


Marine yacht and boat surveyor at work
Boat dried out for survey
Steel yacht for survey
Alloy yacht for survey

Metal Yacht and Motor boat specialist


I have been building, repairing and surveying metal yachts and motor boats since the 1980's.

I no longer carry out general surveys.

Over the last 40 years metal boats have increased in popularity particularly aluminium with steel remaining a good choice for long distance cruisers especially those wanting to visit remote places.

Corrosion in some metals can be alarmingly fast but with knowledge of the precautions needed this corrosion is controllable.

To access my extensive knowledge of design, build and corrosion, I am available for consultations regarding steel and aluminium yachts and motor boats.

I am also a long distance sailor having crossed the Atlantic ocean five times in yachts built by Fay Marine so have a good understanding of what is necessary  in a good cruising yacht.

To contact me to discuss any problems with any metal yacht or motor boat I can be called by following the EagleDial link below. Calls will cost £1.00 a minute which is about $1.40.

Before calling it is often good if you can email me some pictures, about 24 hours before calling, so that I can assess the problem before you call. 


Call Paul through EagleDial


To contact me or send photographs please email paul@faymarine.com


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